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My clients work hard to have a positive impact on people and communities, and I value opportunities to contribute to their efforts. Clients have shared feedback about their experiences working with me.

"Pamela is a skilled facilitator and a master of asking great questions! She is amazing at creating the space for groups to think differently and work collaboratively together.

During our recent strategic planning, Pamela asked us pointed questions, moving us to think outside our comfort zone. She helped pull together the threads to ensure our Strategic Framework reflects our shared commitments. With her support we shifted to a more integrated and adaptive approach to community engagement and action planning. The process respected the differences across teams while supporting centre-wide coherence.

Pamela is not afraid to step into complex projects and navigate uncharted waters. In the developmental stage of the Ottawa Health Team/Équipe Santé Ottawa I appreciated her process design and facilitation. The project was complex, and the path was winding yet Pamela was nimble, adapting easily as we identified the next best steps together.

Our work is challenging and sometimes we just need to laugh. Pamela’s sense of humour and laugh is infectious and helps to ease the tensions."

Kelli Tonner, Executive Director

South East Ottawa Community Health Centre

"I have worked with Pamela on many different projects, for the Ontario Association of the Children’s Aid Society and for our organization the Children’s Aid Society of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Every project has produced a great piece of work from a guide to a strategic framework to a full restructure of our organization. I am impressed with Pamela’s ability to bring a group together and keep us on task.

Recently Pamela facilitated our strategic planning process. She co-designed the process with us so we could easily engage stakeholders. The process helped us feel confident and our Strategic Framework is a clear statement about what we are trying to achieve together.

Pamela guided us through the restructuring of how our teams are organized. She worked with our leadership team to explore options and integrate our thinking. The process was thoughtful and engaging. Staff understand the changes, and our leaders are committed to shifting how we work.

I appreciate Pamela’s ability to design and facilitate processes to address complex issues that involve many organizations and people. She rolls up her sleeves and does a “deep dive” with us to work through the questions and challenges we are facing. She adapts easily so we can keep moving forward toward the outcomes."

Rachel Daigneault, Executive Director

Children’s Aid Society of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

"I have worked with Pamela on six completely different projects involving both planning and extensive consultation. I come back to her as a facilitator because she has incredible capacity to listen deeply to what diverse stakeholders are expressing and help them discover connections and common ground that allow their organizations to move forward.

Most recently, Pamela supported a military-based fund that had decades of history and needed support to facilitate difficult deliberations about change. Pamela helped develop a “Strategy for Renewal” that built on this long legacy and guided decision-making about future direction, the transformation of work and how it would be implemented."

Gay Hamilton, Executive Director

Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

"Pamela has helped us redefine and rebuild our working relationship with more than 30 local boards that are part of the VON network. She continues to support engagement of this audience on key matters such as fund development and strategic planning. She has also facilitated our discovery and planning sessions with the extended staff team that work with these local boards day-to-day.

Pamela is a listener and problem-solver. She is able to quickly understand our goals and to design approaches that align well with our needs. More than that, she is a stunning facilitator - able to ensure that input is strong, useful and representative, and to turn each encounter into something that all participants feel good about having been a part of."

Jo-Anne Poirier, Chief Executive Officer

VON Canada

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