Pamela Smit - Veradus Consulting

Facilitation. Engagement.


The power of provocative questions

The rigour of planning

The confidence to act ... and adapt

As a seasoned facilitator and planner, I support organizations and partnerships in their journey to make meaningful change for people and communities. Together we create the conditions for positive impact.

  • Process that makes sense in the context
  • Questions that lead to fresh insights
  • Support to work with creative tension and conflict constructively
  • Effective engagements that are in-person, virtual or a combination
  • Evidence to inform decisions
  • System lens linking policy directions with operational realities
  • Adaptive action approach to position to achieve better outcomes
  • Clear documentation to guide next steps

Provocative conversations are the cornerstone of our facilitation and planning services.

That commitment is embedded in our name: Veradus is a pickup on the Latin word for truth, veritas.

Since 2003, Pamela has worked with clients to design and facilitate processes to help people speak their own truths.

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