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Combining facilitation and planning expertise to support your strategic organizational change.

Strategic Planning and Adaptive Action

What opportunities and challenges are you dealing with?

Context counts and the planning approach will be customized to your situation. Working together we will gather the evidence to support strategic deliberations. Through effective engagement we create the space to surface diverse perspectives and integrate thinking.

Good strategic planning is about setting strategic direction, identifying intended outcomes, and building an adaptive approach to action. We will position your organization to be nimble while driving toward your strategic intent.

Process Design and Engagement

How can the diverse perspectives of stakeholders inform your options and choices?

Good decisions and new possibilities emerge when people engage in real dialogue. Whether you’re engaging your clients or staff or reaching out to partners, good design and effective facilitation will ensure your stakeholders are heard.

Provocative questions lead to “get-to-the-heart-of-it” discussions to help you explore differences and work through creative tensions and conflict constructively.

Organizational Design and Development

What issues are you facing that require critical thinking and a different approach?

Together we will unpack what is happening and what you have tried so far. We will think through the next best steps including who needs to be engaged.

By asking the right questions, we will unlock the wisdom within your organization and prepare your path for effective implementation. The results will be documented clearly to support the next steps in your change process.

Transformational System Change

What are the drivers and what is the readiness for partnership-oriented system change?

A process will be co-designed with leaders that makes sense given the circumstances. We will create a space for shared learning and exploration of complex challenges and opportunities with the intent to spark some breakthrough thinking.

Using an adaptive action orientation, leaders will be supported to determine the next best steps for coordinated action.

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